Some of the flags, including Israel's, at the UN's New York headquarters. (Image: Damzow.)Vatican to Palestinians: Remove us from your Draft R...
The draft Palestinian resolution, intended for presentation to the UN General Assembly, refers to the Vatican but reports suggest no approval was sought beforehand. The Vatican stated it would not object to the Palestinian proposal, but asks not to be included in it. A message from the Vatican delegation to several members of the UN, quoted by Reuters, says "...

Palestinian Authority accepted as observer state in ICC
On Monday, the Palestinian National Authority (PA) was granted the status of an Observer State in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. This decision promotes the PA toward permanent membership in the court, and helps establish the PA's status in the international arena. The ICC is an independent organization, in which 122 states are members....

French National Assembly acknowledges Palestinian State
With a majority of 339 supporters against 151 opposers, France's lower house of Parliament voted yesterday for French recognition of a Palestinian State. The non-binding vote calls on the French government “to recognize the state of Palestine in view of reaching a definitive settlement to the conflict“. French MP Élisabeth Guigou, who drafted the motion,...

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Wesley So wins TATA Steel Chess

On Sunday, Filipino-US chess grandmaster Wesley So won this year's Tata Steel Chess Tourname...

India discontinues ₹500, ₹1000 denominations; releas...

On Wednesday, India demonetised ₹500 (about US$7.50) and ₹1000 notes, announced as a measure...

C-130 Hercules crashes in Medan, Indonesia

On Tuesday, an Indonesian Air Force C-130 Hercules crashed in the city of Medan, Indonesia. ...

South African floods kill at least 300 people

Friday, April 15, 2022  South Africa Related articles 10 March 2022: Lost Antarctic shi...

Beverly Hall, indicted public school superintendent,...

Dr. Beverly Hall, a central figure in an Atlanta, Georgia public schools cheating scandal si...

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