Swift performing in 2014. (Image: Clarence Ji from London, United Kingdom.)Taylor Swift breaks Vevo record
Taylor Swift has set a new Vevo record with her music video Bad Blood getting 20.1 million views in 24 hours this past week. The artist took the title from Nicki Minaj who had 19.6 million views for Anaconda in August 2014. The country-turned-pop singer premiered the video at the Billboard Music Awards where she won several awards including Top Artist and the...

@hideThis booty costs 3600 euro per day!
Every woman has troubles buying pants that fits perfectly around the booty. Women like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have it even worse, looking sexy in jeans with slender legs and lets say plump rump is not as easy as it sounds. The 1.57m tall Kim has legs in the petite size 36 (EU), however her hip area is a size 42! Logically, pants matching these s...

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An explosion on Thursday morning destroyed a state maternity hospital in Mexico City, Mexico...

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