Michael Schumacher has woken up from 7 month coma!
Michael Schumacher has pulled through from the coma which has kept him in a deep slumber since December last year. Sabine Kehm said: "Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore." Michael had been in an induced coma in Grenoble, France since a skiing accident on December 29 in the French Alp...

Schumacher showing signs of "awakening"
Former Formula One racer Michael Schumacher is showing signs of consciousness and awakening according to his agent Sabine Kehm. Schumacher has been in an induced coma since his skiing accident in the French Alps last December. Doctors began reducing the sedatives that had been keeping the legendary Michael Schumacher in an induced coma at the end of Jan...

Michael Schumacher responding to simple instructions
Doctors are currently working to bring Michael Schumacher slowly out of the induced coma, but it is estimated it could take several weeks for him to fully wake up. His manager stated "Michael's sedation is being reduced in order to allow the start of the waking-up process, which may take a long time." Schumacher will require careful monitoring and therap...

F1 legend remains in an induced coma
The F1 legend Michael Schumacher remains in an induced coma 1 month from today after a skiing accident that left him fighting for his life. Schumacher hit his head on a rock while skiing off-piste in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. Fans worldwide are still in shock over the incident and can only hope that he can make a recovery, unfortunately some ...

Former Formula one Champion was off piste
French prosecutors investigating the causes into Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident say the Former Formula one Champion was off piste and did not try to reduce his speed just before he fell. Police investigators say they are still continuing to review footage from a camera attached to Schumacher’s helmet at the time of the crash. "He was going at a spe...

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