()South African killer, rapist, serial escapee Ananias...
Ananias Mathe, an infamous South African criminal, died on Tuesday in hospital. His offences included rape and murder, and he escaped custody several times. Mathe, from Mozambique, had been suffering digestive problems for weeks according to the prison service. He died on Tuesday in the King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban. He was resident in a high-security p...

South African 'Lion Man' killed by his lions
Thursday, August 22, 2019  South Africa Related articles 22 August 2019: South African 'Lion Man' killed by his lions 16 February 2019: Study indicates as great white shark disappears, living fossil moves in 26 May 2018: South African cricketer AB de Villiers announces international retirement 31 March 2018: Australian cricketers Steve Smith, David Wa...

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