Alienware Steam Machine launching this September?
It has been reported that Alienware is planning to release its third-party Steam Machine in September. The Alienware Steam Machine made its debut at CES in Last Vegas. Powered by Valve's Steam OS, the company is aiming to bring cutting-edge gaming to your living room. Bryan de Zayas confirmed the report to TechRadar, but has said that things could change...

Self-Balancing One-Wheeled Skateboard Seen In CES 2014
OneWheel, introduced by Canadian inventor Kyle Doerksen, is perhaps the quirkiest concept device seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014. What looks like an awkward wheel placed within a wooden frame is actually a self-balancing skateboard that works much like how a Segway would, save for the fact you don't have handlebars. While operating this dev...

PlayStation games to go console free
Sony has announced plans for its cloud gaming service to go live at the Console Electronics Show in Las Vegas "PlayStation Now" will allow subscribers to play some of the platform's greatest hits without owning a console. Sony’s latest smart TVs will be the first devices to support the new streaming service, but Sony also intends to offer the facility to...

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