How to choose a bag that suites your body shape
February 18, 2014, 12:25:11 CET | axiersa

Handbags are among the most important accessories in every woman's wardrobe. The bag must be practical as well as compliment her style and image in the best possible way.

When choosing a bag, there is one important rule that most women do not follow - the bag must be consistent with the shape of your body. The size and shape of the bag may play a significant role in emphasizing certain characteristics of the body or cover up certain imperfections.

Here you will learn some basic rules on how to choose a bag that will be best suited for your figure.

Body shape: Tall and slim
Best suited: almost all types and forms; look for medium to large size bags with big prints.
Avoid: mini bags

Tall and thin women have the advantage to choose from the largest selection of different styles of bags. This type of silhouette has only a few disadvantages and can be combined with almost all shapes and styles from big bags and backpacks worn over the shoulder or low down to modern bag-folders. However, tall and thin women should avoid too small bags or clutches as they tend to make them look even taller.

Body shape: Overall small
Suitable forms: small bags in any shape
Avoid: Totes

The main fashion rule for small women is to comply with the proportions. It is advisable to choose only small bags. Never be tempted by a stylish large bag in which you can carry your laptop or extra clothes. Large bags will make you look even shorter than you really are. The ideal is to choose a cute little bag (over the shoulder or elbow). If you wear the bag over shoulder, it must not pass in the hips area, if it is on the shoulder let it hang at the level of the bust.

Body shape: Rounded with wide hips
Suitable forms: medium size bags in bright colour
Avoid: big bags

Your task is to shift the attention from thighs and hips to the upper body. The best option would be to find a medium size shoulder bag in a bright colour or with colourful pattern. Wear the bag always on the short straps as it should cover the area just below the elbow. Never choose a shoulder bag, which goes to the abdomen or thighs, as this will make your hips look even wider. Also avoid big totes and funky decorations such as rivets, scarves and fringe.

Body shape: Big bust, apple shape
Suitable: medium size bag with long handles
Avoid: small bags and short straps

Women with large bust and heavy shoulders must forget about small bags or short handles. The aim is to shift the attention to the area of the hips, so choose bags with long handles, messengers shoulder bags or elegant bags that you can carry on your shoulder.
If you have a small bust and want to make it look bigger, you can shorten the handles.

Body shape: Athletic figure
Suitable: plump, rounded bags, rucksack
Avoid: tight or narrow bags with prominent angles

Women with athletic, but angular figure should stay away from narrow and angular bags (rectangular) as they will give roughness to your figure. Select the plump, rounded bag with some interesting details, such as embroidery or studded straps.

Body shape: XXL
Suitable: medium to large bags with original designs
Avoid: mini bags or clutches

Women with XXL figure should choose very careful their bag. The well-tailored bag of medium size is one of the best options. You can also go for large bags with bright prints or bigish clutches. Try to pay attention to the original design of your bag.

The golden rule of fashion is to choose bags with shapes that are opposite to the main shortcomings of your figure. Big girls should look for well-formed bags with sharp lines and original shapes, while the thin should use their imagination, but do not overload themselves with huge heavy bags. Colour also plays an important role: coloured bags with bright patterns and prints are ideal for tall girls, as the shorties are recommended to choose simple and monochromatic version.
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