Funny commercials reveal hidden messages in the choice of car
February 8, 2014, 21:50:07 CET | axiersa

Global car brands promote their products via numerous commercials, some of which are so scandalous that they have been forbidden to air on most TV channels. Everything from attempted murder, sex or obscene remarks, brings bonus points and internet fame.

MM-iNEWS have selected some of the funniest car brand commercials

1. The Eternal Golf - the car for every generation

2. The family SUV: Rav4 the Apple of Discord

3. Sexy woman and a pickup: and why this combination should not tempt you

4. If you are looking for a boyfriend: avoid yuppies that drive a Mégane

5. If you are sick of your girlfriend's cat: take it to the vet with a Toyota Corolla

5. Audi: when you are scared of the dark

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Funny commercials reveal hidden messages in the choi...

Global car brands promote their products via numerous commercials, some of which are so scan...

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