Principal, teacher arrested for allegedly whipping two students late for school in Ayetoro, Nigeria
May 20, 2018, 2:40:02 CEST | Wikinews

Saturday, May 19, 2018 

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Ogun state police said the proprietor, the principal, and a teacher at Meteorite Standard School in Ayetoro, Nigeria were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly tying two students — one male and one female — to crosses and lashing them with a horsewhip for being late to school. They are being charged with assault as well as intention to cause grievous bodily harm.

Location of Ogun State within Nigeria. Image: Uwe Dedering and Profoss. (CC BY-SA 1.0)
According to police officer Livinus, who witnessed the lashing, he told the proprietor of the private school, identified as Afolayan Joseph, to untie the students. The proprietors "refused, saying there was nothing anybody could tell him that would make him to release them," Livinus told a local newspaper The Punch. Livinus added that he was beaten when the tried to untie the students. "Before I returned from picking handcuffs from my car, they had grabbed a friend who was with me [...] and beaten him up with a horsewhip", the police officer said.

Livinus said he entered the school property with the help of neighbours, but the principal denied to follow him. Linivous later called Itele police station's divisional officer for additional police at the scene, who later handled the situation. Calling the act as "barbaric", Ogun Police Public Relations Officer Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed the arrest of three. Oyeyemi said the investigation is to be conducted by State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

The public relations officer said, "I don't see any offence that a secondary school pupil will commit that will make someone to tie him or her and be flogging them in public." Oyeyemi later added saying, "The act is no longer a corrective measure; it is a barbaric act and it will not be allowed in this 21st century". Nigeria is not one of the countries who have banned corporal punishment.

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Bukola Adebayo. "Nigerian students tied to crucifixes and beaten for coming late to school" — CNN, May 18, 2018
"Nigerian students 'tied to cross and whipped' for being late" — BBC News Online, May 17, 2018
Chris Pleasance. "Students are tied to crosses and FLOGGED with horsewhips for being late to school in Nigeria" — Daily Mail Online, May 17, 2018
Akinbayo Wahab. "Principal ties 2 students to ‘crosses’ for coming late to school" —, May 17, 2018
"Ogun proprietor, principal tie pupils to 'crosses' for lateness" — The Punch, May 17, 2018

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