New theme park in China will have a life-sized "sinking" replica of the Titanic
January 27, 2014, 4:18:58 CET | Colin

Bernard Hill, who played Captain Edward Smith in the 1997 Titanic movie, and Su Shaojun at the theme park launch. Photograph: Tyrone Siu/Reuters
A new theme park that is currently being built in China is said to have plans for some never seen before attractions.

One of the attractions is a full sized replica of the Titanic and will simulate the sinking of the ship. The ship will be fitted with a simulation technology, using motion and sound effects it will allow several hundred people at once to experience the "sinking".

The RMS Titanic left Southampton, Great Britain on the 10th of April 1912, and under unfortunate circumstances, the ship on its maiden voyage to New York, USA hit an iceberg that caused the ship to sink on April 15th, 1912 taking more than 1500 lives with it, so it is not unexpected that this attraction is quite controversial.

Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group that is funding the project, said Asia needs its own Titanic museum.

"We think it's worth spreading the spirit of the Titanic. The universal love and sense of responsibility shown during the Titanic shipwreck represent the spiritual richness of human civilisation", he added.

The theme park also has plans to feature an artificial beach, a 6D cinema and replicas of some European castles.

It is expected that the park will open its doors to the public sometime in 2016.
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