Has the Bieber hate gone too far?
January 25, 2014, 21:23:59 CET | Nina

For the past several years, Justin Bieber has been often under fire from the public, some going as far as wishing him dead without even thinking of the psychological damage it could do to the 19 year-old teen.

The hatred towards Bieber and nasty comments worldwide can be compared with a bully in the schoolyard, but on a much larger scale. Millions of people worldwide are bullying a single teenager, some of these bullies are aged twice as much as Justin.

This leads us to the question, are these people jealous of Justin Bieber?

Bullies often have some form of jealousy towards their victim, whether it is from their wealth or relations.

Justin Bieber is a regular teen, doing teenage things, acting Human; does he really deserve all of the negative attention? We think not!

Bully victims can often turn to drugs and other forms of self-abuse to escape from the reality, sometimes even suicide, and anyone that plays a part in the bullying may be included as a culprit.

Many forms of bullying take place all around the world and needs to be looked at more closely, the bullied victims need help and you can play a part in helping. Internet based bullying has increased over the years with the introduction of social websites such as Facebook.

If you are being bullied, you should seek help, if you are a teenager in school, you should inform your teacher and even your parents, If you do not attend a school, contact your local authorities and report the offender.
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Has the Bieber hate gone too far?

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