Starlight Avatar is the world's first glowing plant
January 24, 2014, 3:35:47 CET | Colin

Bioglow, a company based in St Louis, Missouri, USA have bioengineered the world's first glowing plant by splicing genes from bioluminescent bacteria.

Bioglow will auction 20 of their plants to the highest bidder and could soon become commercially available.

The plant labelled Starlight Avatar is a genetically modified pot plant "Nicotiana" and will glow continuously during its lifetime.

The company has stated on their website that the plant's dim ambient glow will first become visible after remaining in a darkened room for a few minutes, but of course this can vary based on any light sources you have been exposed to before-hand.

Starlight Avatar is a breakthrough in scientific bio-engineering as scientists have been unable to create glowing plants until now.

The plant has a lifespan of around two to three months.

The big question is, will we see plants in the future that are able to replace lamps and survive for much longer periods, or was a short-lived plant chosen for marketing purposes?

Let us know what you think in the comments, do you plan on bidding for one of these amazing plants, or will you wait until they become available for direct purchase?
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Starlight Avatar is the world's first glowing plant

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