Eight people found slain inside Houston-area home
August 14, 2015, 1:40:18 CEST | Wikinews

Location of Houston withing Harris County, Texas. (Image: 25or6to4.)
Saturday night, police in Houston, Texas, United States, discovered eight people killed in a home. Six of the victims were children.

Around 21:00 local time, Harris County Sheriff's Office (HSCO) deputies arrived at the home on a welfare check. After repeatedly trying to get someone to come to the door, officers forced their way into the house. Here, police say, they were met by gunfire and a standoff ensued. After upwards of an hour, with the house surrounded by special police units, the suspect was talked out of the house.

David Conley, 49, was arrested by the HSCO and subsequently charged with the crimes. Reportedly Conley had a lengthy history of violent behavior that landed him in prison multiple times. His most recent stint behind bars came last month, when he was arrested for allegedly slamming his girlfriend's head into a refrigerator in the same home involved on Saturday. At the time of the murders, Conley was wanted on an assault charge against a family member.

All eight victims died at the scene.

On Sunday, authorities released the names and ages of the victims: Valerie Jackson, 40, and Dwayne Jackson, her husband, 50; Nathaniel Jackson, 13; Honesty Jackson, 11; Dwayne Jackson, Jr., 10; Caleb Jackson, 9; Trinity Jackson, 7; and Jonah Jackson, 6. Conley was the father of Nathaniel (Nate) Jackson. Conley told investigators he used to live with Valerie Jackson and broke into the home after she had changed the locks.

"We're here today on a very sad day," said Tim Cannon, deputy chief of the HCSO. "We're here with our brothers in arms standing behind us because we're all hurting. It's a difficult day for us at the sheriff's office. Once again, a tragedy has struck…our city. Our hearts go out to those…affected by this tragedy."

Tuesday, Conley was allowed to speak to reporters at an administrative segregation unit of the Harris County Jail. Conley said he had been living in the house and although he had promised to move out, he did not have elsewhere to go. He was angered when he returned to find the door locks changed. Conley also felt all the victims disrespected and mistreated him. Conley was asked about his son, Nate, by KPRC's Robert Arnold.

"I love Nate. I love Nate to death," Conley replied. "Nate didn't give me any respect because of what his mother was doing to me[...] She was cheating on me."

Saying his lawyer had instructed him not to speak about the events of Saturday inside the home, Conley did have the following to say about the Jackson children:

"They were growing up to be monsters, they were disrespectful, rude in school. I'm not saying they're dead because of that. I'm not even saying I killed them." Conley added, "God says in the Bible do not disrespect your mother and father or your days will be short, but I'm not saying that's what happened."

Source: Wikinews
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