2014/15 Australia, India cricket Test schedule reshuffled
December 2, 2014, 6:40:37 CET | Wikinews

The 2014/15 Test cricket series between Australia and India has been reshuffled, announced Monday night, after the scheduled first match was postponed. Adelaide Oval is now scheduled to host the first match from December 9.

"Players will look to prepare themselves with the dedication and commitment that is a trademark of our Australian Test cricketers. There is no doubt that their return to the field will be enormously challenging, particularly for those who were present on the SCG [Sydney Cricket Ground] last week," Australian Cricketers' Association head Alistair Nicholson said.

The Gabba, in Brisbane, is to host the second Test from December 17. This allows a minimum break of five days before the Boxing Day Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Sydney's New Year's Test has been delayed to begin January 6. The limited overs schedule, due to start on January 12, is unaffected.

Source: Wikinews
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