Air pollution in China is causing havoc
January 9, 2014, 1:17:58 CET | mm-inews

Photo credit: Reuters
Air pollution in China has become so serious that one school for expatriate children has sealed off part of its playground.

Thick smog in China has recently forced major cities to virtually shut down.

The capital Beijing is among those that pollution often exceeds safety limits set by the World Health Organization.

A giant inflatable dome at the International School of Beijing now provides an insulated space where the air is filtered and positive pressure ensures any pollution is kept at bay.

"The dome was bought after a previous pollution situation that kept children indoors for a 20-day period." said Gerrick Monroe, the school's operations director.

The Chinese government has launched an effort worth £180bn to clean up power stations and traffic fumes.

The reality is that it will take years or even decades to reduce China's pollution problem, China may need to push for cleaner technology to help accelerate the process.
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Air pollution in China is causing havoc

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